Gemu 2.1.0 is out!

A simple GameBoy emulator supporting color. It's free and open-source.


Gemu is currently only available for Windows. Support for Mac and Linux is being worked on. Also, Java is required to run Gemu.

Java/OpenJDK is pretty hard to correctly install, but thankfully, I made a solution: BetterTemurin! It's an installer for Eclipse Temurin (OpenJDK) that sets OpenJDK up so you can use Java apps. Just let it install and everything will be set up. Make sure to read the documentation. You can access it on Gemu by clicking More... then Documentation.


Can I fork Gemu?

Sure! I call it the power of Open-source!

Can I sell Gemu on my website?

You can add it to your website. Please just don't sell it for money or anything. If you wanna, you can credit my emulator by putting a link to this site.

Is Gemu free?


Can I help programming in Gemu?

Of course! Any help appreciated! If you wanna submit features, you can do pull requests here.

I need help!

Just go to the issue tracker or join the Discord server! 👇

Gemu is maintained by RetroAkaMe and the community